How to Convert Home to Smart Home?

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Along with the developing technology, many devices around us have gained the so-called smart feature. Many functions that cause us difficulties in our daily lives and cause us to lose time have shortened and become practical. In this direction, small mobile devices such as computers or phones and our homes have become smart.

So, what kind of points should we pay attention to for our house to turn into a smart home, and in this context, how should we go about the cost? Before answering these questions in detail below, let’s talk about smart homes’ features.

Smart Home Key Features

Smart home systems cover the technological and digital devices that can be controlled via wireless devices such as phones. In this direction, these systems, which are preferred in many modern house constructions, can be connected over the internet and provide remote control of security, temperature, lighting, television, sound, and many more functions.

In a general perspective, smart home systems provide functionality by being controlled via mobile devices in many areas, from thermostats to lights, from media devices to electricity usage control.

Notwithstanding, in line with the security measures, the reliability of your digital service-based home devices will be shaken again through hacking processes, which is one of the dark sides of technology. In other words, although smart home systems provide security services, they cannot guarantee the security of your home.

How to Convert Home to Smart Home with just 5 Devices

When the disadvantages mentioned above are put aside, you can acquire certain smart home system devices that will become indispensable in your home in line with the necessary precautions.

The main ones are:

  • Smart Keys/Key Locks: This type of smart home device offers the practicality of keys and locks, which perform pretty well within the necessary measures in terms of reliability and occupy a small but significant place in your daily life. In this context, it’s a handy feature to have your lock, which is provided with digital lines in your home.
  • Smart Cameras: As the cameras are very functional, they contain a security system for your home, especially for the individual who has a baby or pet in their home. In this context, thanks to these smart systems, where you can move from one room to another and make observations by simply swiping or clicking on a single screen, you can benefit not only as a family with children but also in the follow-up of strangers entering and leaving your home.
  • Smart Heat & Energy Systems: Being able to control the heat and energy usage from a click distance can provide you convenience in many ways, as well as make your daily life practical and enable you to use it very economically in terms of energy. With the remote control feature, you can set different heat levels in each room, control the on and off, and in this context, it can help you adjust your lifestyle.
  • Smart Household Appliances: With the remote control of tools such as refrigerator, washing machine, or dishwasher, which have a place in many points in daily life, it allows you not to waste your time in routine work in your home; it will enable you to be profitable at many points.
  • Smart Bulbs: It offers the biggest and most cost-effective cut-off of possible smart homes available on mobile devices with remote control and various features of bulbs that provide the basic light source of a home. You can save energy and money with the ability to provide sufficient light to the room you want or with the remote light off or on a feature.
How to Convert Home to Smart Home

How Much Does It Cost to Convert to a Smart Home?

In general, smart homes can be pretty costly in line with developing technological devices. So, how much, on average can you transform your home into a smart home?

To answer this question, we have compiled the costs over three basic systems, which are smart lighting, smart climate control, and smart home security, as the leading smart home devices, and finally presented an average figure.

  • Smart Home Lighting System: Although this figure can go up and down depending on the characteristics and diversification of the lighting, we can present the cost required for an average smart home lighting system in the form of 700$.
  • Smart Home Temperature Control System: Likewise, depending on the characteristics of the house and the system, the average cost of the heating system corresponds to the figure of 300$.
  • Smart Home Security System: It should not be forgotten that the security systems, which are indispensable for a house, can differ in terms of cost according to their developing and diversifying features as they are installed on smart home systems. Accordingly, the average cost for an average smart home security system will be 300$.
  • Bonuses: Some devices are added as bonuses and additions, from small household appliances to media communication devices. Therefore, the average cost we can treat as a bonus would be 200$.
  • Total: In line with all these average costs, it is necessary to spend approximately $ 1500 for a smart home installation.

How Can I Make My Room into a Smart Room?

As you can make your home smart, you can also turn only one of the small units of the house into a smart room. You can use smart lamps with a timer feature, which can be controlled with automatic light adjustment before and after sleep, by using the smart lighting systems mentioned above.

In addition, you can use smart air humidifiers to humidify and ventilate your room at certain intervals. Since devices such as speakers are becoming smart, you can also choose smart speakers that can work automatically or with voice commands in your room as an entertainment tool.


Eventually, due to the contributions of the digital world around us, our homes and rooms have become automatic and smart systems, just like our phones and computers. Therefore, you can use some of the main and essential devices such as lighting, heater, or security mentioned in this article to make our huge house, which we can control remotely with only a small phone, become smart.

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